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cesc_fabregas18 : the fans community for cesc on lj

Francesc Fàbregas Soler.
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Welcome to the fan's Livejournal community for Francesc Fàbregas Soler. A midfield maestro for Arsenal FC, Cesc Fabregas has had hints of being the best midfielder in the premier league. Having played during the World Cup 2006 for Spain, Cesc Fabregas has been a consistent call-up ever since. And this is where we celebrate the ever-growing talent of Cesc Fabregas.

[1] Posts must be about Cesc Fabregas and Cesc Fabregas only. Please tag your posts. [2] No bashing of Cesc Fabregas or any other player. [3] Images bigger than 500 in width must be under an LJ-CUT. [4] Game-analysis are fine, so long as you don't get too carried away. [5] No fics. [6] Lastly, no fighting in here! Though, I don't see how anyone could fight about Cesc, ey? =]

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